I’m an Ex Banker, now exploring new pastures. I was always passionate about doing something on my own and after retirement, I decided to exploit my fascination for natural foods. The first product that caught my attention was Arrowroot powder, which has long shelf life and good health benefits. I was familiar with its planting and processing right from my childhood that I started processing it in a scientific way combining my practical knowledge. I had attended various training sessions and tried them on my own and finally convinced of its quality, I have started producing and processing and selling on my own. I’m glad that my efforts yielded fruits and now I’m on the look out for expanding this home-grown business The other products also followed suit. My family has good quality Black Pepper and Cloves – The Thalanadu Clove which is expected to get GI tag shortly – yields that I decided to market that too. Similarly, we have good plantation of quality Bananas grown with natural manure for family needs and thus, I am planning to add dried banana figs also to my range of products. This is a continuous process and I may add more and more products as and when it catches my attention.